Saturday, March 10, 2018

TESLA and competitors in electric trucks ..

Electric energy based transportation gaining traction .... 

Can you imagine an electric truck
  • carrying a 26 T cargo
  • traveling at average 105 kmph
  • a full battery charge covering 805 km, (30 mins charge covering 630 kms), 
  • picking up from 0-97 kmph in 20 secs flat on full load (0-97 kmph in 5 secs under no-load) and 
  • running at 70% cheaper costs than comparable Diesel trucks  ??

Welcome TESLA semi-heavy duty electric truck on American roads by 2020 ... (other notable competitors with less capability in terms of distance covered in single charge and acceleration are  also given) ..

TESLA is already doing successful test runs between the TESLA Giga battery factory in Nevada desert and Tesla factory in California !! 👍

The competition from Thor trucks, (click here for the website) ET-1, which  can carry upto 40T load and travel 500 kms on a single charge is an excellent competitor to TESLA semi heavy truck. While TESLA will build the truck all by itself, Thor on the other hand has only proprietary battery technology. It will be outsourcing the manufacture of the trucks to other automobile manufacturers.

With the entry of electric trucks, the benefits are manifold :
1. lower transportation costs by upto 70%
2. ensure economy of costs due to large volumes being transported
3. ensure long life for the trucks with less moving parts
4. ensure low maintenance costs with less moving parts
5. ensure less environmental emissions, thus being environmentally sustainable
Thor ET-1
can totally change the logistics scenario across the world.

The transportation sector is getting excited and heated up with the entry of e-trucks and very soon in the next couple of years we can really look at more powerful and efficient vehicles in this area, with autonomous (driver-less) functionality, resulting in lowering of transportation costs by as much as 30-40% (conservative estimates) ..

Can terrestrial transportation with the entry of electric vehicle be much cheaper than sea-based transportation ? We have to wait and see.


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