Thursday, July 27, 2017

Supreme Court verdict, let there be peace finally ..

St. Thomas
Why can't both the Orthodox and Jacobite facti
ons of the Indian Orthodox church be together ? We want peace to return to the Orthodox church in India. Is it pointing to some other malaise affecting the church ? Is there anything more than belief and traditions ?

Any person who goes the legal way to court can seek judicial wisdom at three or four levels in the country, is also bound to accept its verdict at the end. If he/she is not satisfied with the verdict at any stage, he/she can appeal at the next higher level, from Munsiff Court to District Court, then to High Court and finally the Supreme Court. In the Supreme Court whatever be the verdict, he/she is bound to follow it by letter and spirit and oblige to the law of the land and the infinite judicial wisdom. 

In the case of the dispute between the Malankara Orthodox faction and Jacobite Syrian faction in Kerala, the Supreme Court through its partial verdicts of 1958, 1995 and finally through the complete verdict of July 2017 completely sealed the case of the ownership of churches and properties in India totally in favour of the Malankara Orthodox Church, the only truly indigenous church with native beliefs, customs and a Syrian liturgy, thanks to the papal overlordship of fifty years which ended around 1653 AD, and settled as per the church Constitution of 1934.

How Christianity spread in India.. For 1500
years we were all one church ..
Now after all legal  processes are completed, with the Supreme Court verdict asking all churches and believers to strictly follow the 1934 church Constitution, is it fair and correct on the part of one faction to act like cry babies and try to block the implementation of the court verdict ? If they believe in the Indian Constitution and wish to abide by it, it is time for them to gracefully accept the verdict, if not, they should openly challenge the courts and their legal validity.

Trying to incite violence in the troubled churches to give an impression of their believers' dissatisfaction of the court verdict and try to spread violence and indiscipline is violating the sovereignty of the Indian state and acting against the spirit and substance of the Supreme Court verdict in the case. 

The mother church like in the earlier situations has been acting peacefully, being magnanimous, showing great restraint and extending loving open arms to all brethren in a spirit of love, respect, accommodation, understanding and tolerance. Unfortunately, this is not being adequately and appropriately reciprocated by the other faction.

Malankara Orthodox Church HQ and spiritual head ..
Though a majority of the Jacobite faction would want peace, tranquility, accommodation, understanding to return and would not mind following the 1934 Constitution in word and spirit, a miniscule minority among them want to disturb peace, challenge the law of the land and take to violence to prolong the feud for their private petty, selfish gains and to satisfy their bloated selfish egos. 

Can this be permitted in a vast country like India with the oldest and greatest civilization and presently home to 1250 million Indians, the largest and greatest democracy of the world ?

It is our humble request to everyone, kindly rethink the strategy of confrontation and defiance of law, accept the verdict, obey the law of the land and act unitedly for the growth of the greatest civilization and culture of India.

Jacobite Syrian Church HQ and Spiritual head ..
As the Malankara Catholicos Baselios Marthoma Paulose II has been exhorting,  let us be one in the true Christian spirit of love with perfect understanding and accommodation of each and every believer. There should be no feeling of lost hope, of deception or being sidelined by the Supreme Court of India. We need to understand that we are all followers of that famous carpenter from Nazareth. We are not in search of wealth or prosperity or material well being, we are in search of our traditional roots, our traditional beliefs and culture with the oldest Christian beliefs starting from 52 AD all encased within the great Indian civilization - the oldest and most tolerant civilization of the world.

If only we are united can we continue to serve the world and be a helping hand to the suffering people of the world and realise the meaning of our existence on planet earth.

Thanking you for your time and understanding. 🙏🙏


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