Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Truly green airport at Kochi ..

Creepers like melons growing around the solar panels at the airport besides 
making good use of land, helps to bring downthe ambient tempand raises 
efficiency of the solar panels ..
Kochi international airport in Kerala, handling 7 million annual passenger traffic, besides being the first and only solar powered, energy-neutral high tech international airport of the world, also turns green growing organic vegetables.It has a 12 MW plant generating 52,000 units of solar power daily of which 48,000 units is used daily, rest given to the grid.

With a life of 25 years, the initial cost of $10 million, ie, 65 crores, will get fully paid back in 5 years. Kochi airport will then be the first international airport in the world to have great foresight in planning for free energy for the rest 20 years of the solar panel life.

Growing creeper vegetation serves two purposes.

V J Kurien IAS, MD, CIAL.
Dynamic and  path breaking visionary ..
1.The water which is used to clean the solar panels once every two days, gets wild vegetation to grow around the panels structure, at times even obstructing the sunlight from falling on the panels.. Instead of wasting water, allowing wild shrubs, herbs to grow and employ workers to cut the wild bush, why not plant organic creeper vegetables which will not cover the panels and obstruct sunlight from falling on the panels ?

2. By selling the organic melons and other vegetables etc the airport can benefit monetarily from it, the employees get to buy the vegetables first. It is not the amount one gets, but the benefit of serving two three noble purposes simultaneously that is important.
2.5 acres of land well utilised ..When the building (cargo terminal) comes, panels just get shifted atop the buildings !!

3. The presence of vegetation lowers the ambient temperature around the 46,000 solar panels, helping generate energy with greater efficiency.

4. It also drives home the point that "if one really wants to achieve innovative and path-breaking things in India, one can do it without much of opposition. The people really want to bring in changes for the betterment of society, changes that will be remembered for centuries and millennia to come ..

The 18 hole golf course and the creeper vegetation on the 2.5 acre solar panel land, besides other stretches of the airport makes it a truly green and environmental friendly airport !! The only danger are the birds which can come to peck at the melons for a taste once in a while.

It is a matter of great pride that India had to show the way for the so-called advanced nations of the West to develop at the optimal cost a truly environment friendly and nature friendly airport. Cost effective growth is possible only with Indian brains and Indian ingenuity !! 

This insolation (solar electrification) of the Kochi International airport and simultaneous greening phenomenon, to ensure optimal performance of the solar panels and hence its longer life, is worthy of emulation by the less advanced US and European airports !

CIAL MD V J Kurien IAS  is an intelligent visionary for the energy hungry world ! Pranaamam sir !!  
VJ Kurien and his team at Kochi International airport is truly the envy of the whole world !!

It is a matter of great pride to know how level 5 leaders from different parts and corners of the country are making such great impact and change not only in the country, but giving exciting dynamic leadership to the world.

Americans and Europeans are really reluctant to accept that they are inferior to Indians  when it comes to intelligent, useful application of technology in new areas and at rock bottom cost. They are waiting for India to lead the world in applications of such high technology .. It is a very comforting sight to see India leading the world in high tech applications...

Nobody in the world can beat India in costs !! Cost innovation at its best !

Here is the link to Dr Harish hande's solar energy plans reaching homes in Karnataka ..

To go through the case study on Insolation of  Kochi International airport, pl click here ..


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