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The World is Indeed Flat..

The World is Flat ... - Thomas Friedman, Penguin Books, 2006

Thomas Friedman
This is the title of a fantastic book which I happened to read some days back while undergoing ayurvedic treatment at Sahyadri Ayurvedic Hospital at Pothupara near to MBC CET . As the title suggests, it talks of how the world has got flat ( a term coined after the author Friedman's interview with Nandan Nilekani, CEO of Infosys) with the globalisation of the past ten fifteen years.

Thomas Friedman of the NY Times, has illustrated with great clarity and understanding with lot of cases of how the different companies in different countries are collaborating with each other in today's world and benefiting out of the process financially, socially ( offering employment and an upward shift in the standard of living of the middle class in the developing and the new age economies of China and India).

The breaking down of the Berlin Wall, the release of the WWW browser Mosaic from NCSA and Netscape Navigator by Mark Andresseen, the open source / free software revolution, with the example of how the Apache web server (which runs on seventy percent of web servers in the world) was developed, how Bill Gates though clandestinely from the Macintosh machine popularised the windows GUI, the outsourcing, off shoring etc happening in the world have been some of the ten flatteners of the world. ( as illustrated in the book)

He also talks of how people are striving in the developed countries to remain untouchables ( in the modern digital world, if your work cannot be digitised you are an untouchable..!!) eg. dentists, journalists, doctors, drivers, sweepers and so on. Accountants, software engineers, design engineers (excepting the site engineers), radiologists are the touchables !!

,The book is aptly titled " The history of the globalised world of the twenty first century." - dealing with contemporary political, social and economic issues of the developing and developed world..

A must read for everybody wishing to be upward mobile in this globalised world and to have an impartial view of the merits and demerits of globalisation. Even Joseph Steglitz' book on globalisation does not give such a "developed, developing and less developed world" positive perspective of globalisation.

The discussion of the Walmart and Dell supply chains in the book was very interesting !!


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