Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The greatness of Pandit Jawaharlal Neru ..

A true and great leader to the core ..
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Indian Prime Minister. He also happens to be a widely misunderstood politician because of the political allegations and accusations that have been labeled against him by an illiterate and selfish political class.

I feel whatever be the personal working style of Nehru, he is one of the greatest Indian politicians India has ever had, who could be put in seniority after Mahatma Gandhi. He who has spent almost ten years in British prisons fighting for Indian freedom from British exploitation and misrule.

Nehru has been a great literateur who has enriched global literature by his literary contributions through four of the greatest books on Indian culture and civilization,  
  • Discovery of India
  • Glimpses of World History,  
  • Letters from a father to his daughter and 
  • An Autobiography
One of greatest works on India, ever ..
The sad fact with people slinging mud on Nehru are people who are ignorant and have not made any attempt to read any of these books, most of them have been written while in prison.
The dead cannot defend themselves ...
The other contender of the fundamentlist thinking group in the country have nothing to say when asked neither how many years Sardar Vallabhai Patel has spent in British prisons raising his voice against British oppression of Indians nor his literary contributions to the world ? Was Patel an opportunist who was careful not to antagonise the British and be in their bad books, history will say.

If India never had a leader and a global statesman like Jawaharlal Nehru, would we have progressed so much in Science and Technology ? Would we have had all the great establishments in Space Science, Atomic energy, IITs, IIMs, the green revolution, the white revolution and the like .. ?

If Nehru had not called Vikram Sarabhai aside in 1961-62 and had not asked him to start some basic and simple space experiments, initially sounding rockets to study the altitude variation of temperature and gaseous composition from Thumba, Trivandrum, to understand the truths of space and nature, would Indian space science and technology have matured to this state now ?

 And Nehru knew exactly which all sectors of the economy and areas of science and technology, our crappy bureaucrats should be allowed to interfere and where all it should be left free to the specialists and subject experts. 

Nehru and ISRO
That is why we are now a great nation. We had great leaders who suffered in prisons for long periods even for three years at a stretch, often for total periods of individually upto 9-10 years, in non-cooperation and Quit India movements, fighting for Indian freedom. 

Leaders who were intelligent, sincere and honest to the core for the sake of the country ..

George ..

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