Friday, July 19, 2019

Data Visualisation Presentation..

Dr. Sukanya explaining the finer aspects of Data Visualisation in R
Today 19 July 2019, Business school and Engineering school of Alliance University joined hands for an interesting session on Data Visualisation using interesting free and open source software available, thanks to the Free Software Foundation. R, Python and Gnuplot .. 👍👍🙏

Data visualization principles help to communicate data-driven findings in a better way. Open source software R has various packages for data visualization like ggplot2, tidyverse etc. The session focused on the basics of data visualization by exploring grouping the data sets using different parameters, sorting datasets, adding derived columns to data sets and representing the data through histogram, boxplots, density curves to bring out the inherent characteristics of the data. The different packages and datasets like NHANES, gapminder were demonstrated.

The session was well attended by students and faculty alike. 

Data visualisation is a very important aspect of Data analytics given Big Data and different forms of data including videos and audios available in the Internet ecosystem. 

Dr. Shobana from Alliance Engineering gave a top class presentation on Python
Dr. Sukanya spoke of using R and Dr. Shobhana spoke of Python and it's capabilities in Data Visualisation.  Dr. George spoke of gnuplot with its strength in visualising graphical data in 2D and 3D.

This will be followed up soon by sessions soon to discuss detailed aspects of Data Visualisation using R and Python separately.

The effort put up by both the faculty members in sparing their time to read, think and do a presentation on Data Visualisation has not only improved their professional competence a great deal, it has made them competent and confident to engage serious sessions for senior students both in the Engineering and Business schools.

The impact on the audience in getting exposed to a highly important and emergent area of Data Analytics , ie., Data Visualisation was an added bonus.  

Looking forward to more such presentations in cutting edge areas in future.


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