Wednesday, May 22, 2019

World’s greatest festival of democracy concludes tomorrow..

When the world's largest democracy celebrates the month-long festival of democracy, with the largest and most expensive elections ever in the history of mankind, the whole world looks on with awe and wonder .. The festival is concluding tomorrow with great expectations, pomp and splendour..

If the fate of the country is economic progress, development, agricultural prosperity, industrial growth, jobs and social welfare for the next five years,  India will be blessed with a Congress and like-minded party coalition. 

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On the other hand if the fate of the country for the next five years is insecurity, majoritarian communalism, war mongering, despair, crony capitalism and economic mismanagement, we will be blessed with a RSS / BJP led government.. 

Did we exercise our franchise sensibly ? Is it the fight of nationalists against the anti-nationalists and divisive forces ?? πŸ™πŸ™

Provided that the anti-national forces have not corrupted the system, we can expect the longings and aspirations of the 900 million electorate and the collective wisdom of the people to dominate over the divisive agenda of the communal forces.  

During the month long election process, the entire 1.32 billion population of the country got into a festive mood, from sanyasis to teachers, to govt servants to farmers and industry workers, all were energised into the process. Thanks to the spurt of communication media like TV and the Internet social media, the people had a great time listening to leaders, analysing policies, agendas etc before making a decision to decide whom to give their vote to.

Right from family politics to the damage over demonetisation, massive unemployment, farmer suicides, spurt in energy sector, Swach Bharat, Balakot encounter, GST and regional issues, the election has aroused (and polarised ??) the population as never before.

With an 8000 year old civilization to back, the Indian people will not allow divisive politics to divide the country or polarise the population, lest the sacrifices by the founding fathers of this great nation over 200 years fighting the  Portuguese, Dutch, French and British colonial forces and socially repulsive religious customs and traditions, are brought to naught and lost for ever !

God bless India !! πŸ™

George ..

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