Saturday, May 11, 2019

Electric car technology-FAQ

Interesting EV FAQ .. For any student and a new comer to the technology of Electric vehicle, this FAQ adds lot of value. Thanks to Autocar magazine..

How do electric cars work  ? Click here ..

Click here for the FAQ from Autocar .

1. How do electric cars work ?
Parts of an electric car ,, courtesy US Dept of Energy

2. What are the different components of an EV? 

3. How do you compare the different EVs ? 

4. What are the important parameters to look out for ? 

5. Why are EVs costly now ? 

6. Will costs come down ?

7. Why is range important ? 

8. How are EVs classified ? 

9. What are the different charging standards ?

10. Does efficiency differ with other petrol engine cars ?

11. Do we use green energy for EV ?

12. Can solar charging be used for EV and many more .. 

Simple  explanation of the technology and components of how future mobility will be like .. 

Click here for the FAQ ,,


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