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Water - a great resource to be properly preserved and exploited..

Can we be more selfish ??
Water is one of the greatest resources we have on planet earth besides the Sun's rays and water. Of all the water only about 23% is potable and almost 85% of that water is in glaciers and snowcaps. Only 3% of the total water is potable. These fresh water resources are at danger of being polluted.  While we continue to pollute surface fresh water resources and smartly exploit groundwater resources, the animals on this earth are left to themselves to care for the water. They are at a great danger of being at a higher risk of  extermination.

The six things that make life possible on planet earth are given in this National Geographic link .. (click here for the link). Its all about our solar system and the sun.

Water - the third world war will be fought over water.. So preserve it ..
Before we go to understand about water and the how countries can get affected by it, let us take a look in our country itself. The Indus waters treaty was signed in 1960 by India and Pakistan brokered by the World Bank, wherein the waters from Indus and its five tributaries would be shared by India and Pakistan. While India would have rights to the waters of the tributaries of Ravi, Beas and Sutlej, Pakistan would get the waters from Jhelum and Chenab besides the mighty Indus itself.

The water flow to India is almost 33 million acres feet (MAF) of which 95% is used within the country and the balance 5% flows to Indus and through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. Indus Water Treaty Click here for the  Brittannica link

During the recent skirmishes between India and Pakistan at Pulwama, this 5% of water that comes to about 1.6 MAF water was decided to be used exclusively by India and not to be let off to the Indus. 

The dispute between the Southern riparian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka over the waters of the South Indian river Cauvery that originates in Karnataka and flows through Tamil Nadu before emptying into the Bay of Bengal is a major source of friction between the two states.

The water crisis in Bangalore is fuelled by the Cauvery water dispute. (click here)

Click here for the Newsweek link that states the third world war will be fought over water ..

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