Monday, April 15, 2019

Stratolaunch flies nine years after conception ..

Stratolaunch , the space vehicle launch startup by late Paul Allen of Microsoft, was launched successfully yesterday 13 April 2019 on its maiden flight yesterday in Mojave desert California.

The two fuselage, 110m wide, 6 engines 544 T aircraft will be used to launch spacecraft at altitudes of 9000m to space.

Will the launch of this massive plane change the commercial flying business of the world ? Or will it only be a challenge to the NASA, ESA, ISROs of the world ?

In special arrangement with SpaceX of Elon Musk, it remains to be seen what all innovative applications the stratolaunch will subject itself to in the coming years.

Click here for the BBC link ..

scenes from the first flight ..
Will other launchers also crowd the world aviation market like Virgin Atlantic or NASA itself ?

Does this launch mark the beginning of the great space age for humanity on earth ? Will it be the start of the great space explorations by humans as the launch costs will be greatly be reduced in the coming years.

Flying at altitudes of 10 km, will it be most cost effective, safe, secure, highly reliable launch pad for launching low earth orbit and high earth orbit satellite in the future ?


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