Friday, April 12, 2019

NIRF rankings 2019 ..

While going through the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India NIRF rankings for Business Management Schools, I was very much happy to note that there were only three Business Schools from Karnataka in the top 75 list .

1. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore overtook IIM Ahmedabad to become rank #1
2. TMA Pai Business School, Manipal at rank 23.
3. Alliance University at rank 43

Great news and fruits for our hardwork.

Prof. G Raghuram, IIMB
What greatly touched me was the response from Prof. G Raghuram, the Director of IIM Bangalore. 

He said he is very much thankful for the Institute's previous leadership for the honour. It reads this way, 
" I would give credit to the Institute's previous leadership and the responsibility of faculty and staff, at least over the past decade, who have often made difficult but the right choices, in setting the direction for and contributing to the Institution. "
This is leadership .. Great leadership !! Professor your leadership is worth emulation !! (my professor too..)


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