Tuesday, March 05, 2019

The way forward for India and China ..

It is a fact that the Southern Hemisphere countries are getting involved in major conflicts aroubnd the world and often these conflicts are settled violently by arms and ammunition supplied by the countries in the Northern hemisphere. We find this causes great pain and tragedy to the poor and sidelined people of the world. The developed countries in the Northern hemisphere thrive on the hardships and death, misery in the Southern hemisphere ..  Is it the correct global strategy ?

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Can violence ever bring peace, growth, prosperity and development ?

Shouldn't great economic powers like China and India concentrate more on diffusing tensions between the countries of the world, offer a helping hand at timers, than flexing muscles and causing social unrest resulting in loss of life ??  Let our political leaders weigh the options and deliberate ..

Is flexing muscles the right thing to do ? Will a bullet for a bullet strategy work for India ? Especially when India is in a growth trajectory, should we try to defuse tensions with our neighbours or act belligerantly and aggravate the situation letting it go out of our control ? What is the most appropriate thing to do? Shouldn't we think more intelligently and act ?

Can we afford to let our guard down and allow the enemy to hurt us ?  Should we be more alert and peace loving ? Should we concentrate more on development than on destruction ? Should we work  more and talk less ?

Let us really introspect !!


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