Thursday, March 28, 2019

IIT Bombay memories and crossword puzzle

A collage of some images ..
In 2018, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai (Bombay) celebrated 60 years of its founding.

Set on an area of 550 acres in 1958, in the marshy swamps of Powai, with only Godrej in Vikhroli being the nearest industrial area, in 60 years Powai has grown to be India's top IIT with almost 14 departments, research entres, students from UG level to Post Graduation, Doctorates and PDFs.

The alumni in 60 years run into thousands .. And some of these alumni have been very thankful for their four years spent at the Institute, courtesy the Indian taxpayer and have given back to the Institute in ways unheard of and inimaginable.Click here for an account of the conf I attended at IITB in 2018..

The ingenuity and far sightedness of India's founding fathers from Jawaharlal Nehru onwards have given India's one of it's best technical Institutes, respected around the world.

For the old timers of IIT Bombay, this simple puzzle will help brush up your memories.. 


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