Monday, February 11, 2019

Energy , some thoughts and discussions ..

Energy is the originator of life on earth. Without energy life cannot exist.

In the modern world, the  need for energy is only going to increase with each passing year.

Per capita annual energy consumption :

Qatar uses 223 MWhr per annum and is highest.

US - 80 MW-hr

China 25 MW-hr.

India - 7 MW-hr

Our energy usage will increase 4-5 times in the next couple of decades and this energy has to be generated most responsibly and by green methods.

Comparing the world's largest (China), second largest (US) and third largest economy (India), you will find that there is great scope of growth in the largest and greatest economies of China and India.

Click here to watch a good ppt on energy .. 

Energy resource .. (click here for a good description ..)

This ppt is very interesting,.. (click here)

An intro video

Click here for Renewable energy video from NG ..

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