Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Do we really need to go to war ?

While in College, I used to enjoy taking part in debating at the Trivandrum YMCA, Uni-Y. I was exposed to the term - Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) while at Government College of Engineering, Trivandrum, during some of he debating / elocution competitions. MAD in short can be explained this way, when two nuclear powers are engaged in a war, and if they decide to use their nuclear arsenals, the end is assured destruction for both the countries.

A pic from World War 1...
The issue between India  and Pakistan is complicated now with more information coming mentioning that the damage will not be just with two countries, India and Pakistan, it will affect all countries of the world. The resultant nuclear winter arising out of emissions from the nuclear emissions, could bury our planet in a severe winter for decades or even centuries, wiping out population and vegetation. This TED talk is about radioactive emissions covering the whole world, by Brian Toon (click here for the TED talk ..)

Wars have been fought from immemorial times. It used to be the weapon for a group to asset their superiority over another and to subjugate others. It worked during the times when people were not learned, they could not think about the future implications of the dangerous effects of war on society and so on. Never have wars been good, it has caused untold misery on the people of the world.

In the present days with education and better logical reasoning with the people, material well being, can wars really help humanity or bring untold damage, pain and suffering to humanity ?

Many questions are raised regarding the India Pakistan conflict for which the nation seeks answers.. Are we being manipulated and being used by our less-educated politicians to cover up their mistakes and follies ?
1. How many of us support the war efforts unleashed by PM Modi ? 

2. Could we have avoided this conflict if our intelligence gathering had not failed at Phulwama ? 

3. Who should be held responsible for this incident in the first place and it's escalation?

4. Can war really end the crisis instead of diplomacy ?
5. Are war cries well-intentioned or with malafide intention to escape from the initial blame ?
6. Is there a political rhetoric in the war cries especially when the country is going to Elections ? 

7. Should we ascribe deeper meaning to the war cries coming from politicians ?

8. Are our armed forces happy with having to go to war or are they being used by our selfish politicians  ?
9. Do wars have any role to play in this scientifically and culturally advanced world ?
10. Can wars bring permanent peace ?
Hope we get answers to these questions, sooner the better .. Let us use our brians, not brawns ..

Let better sense prevail with our political leaders who are using the armed forces to further their petty interests. In this age of weapons and super weapons, physical force is not a solution to a war, it can only be used to repulse an enemy attack. it is a necessary evil we have to invest in, we do not intend to use it, it is just a deterrant for the enemy from attacking us.

Only discussions, dialogue and diplomacy can resolve issues . What the dumbo US President Bush  Junior did on Afghanistan and Iraq years back has only added  to their woes, it has not solved the problem at all. US is wishing now they had not attacked the people of those countries and had resorted to dialogues. The extreme cost US has to still pay in terms of the burden of maintaining armies in these countries, having to invest in intelligence gathering at all these places, due to the enmity created with the people are all perennial issues US will carry for generations. How the dumb actions of some presidents has pushed US to international isolation.

We do not want our armed forces to suffer casualties. They are also humans with families and children to look after. They should exist at the forefront only as a deterrant, but not as an offensive force ..


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