Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Why Britain should remain in E.U. ?

Britain joined the European Community in 1973, confirmed by a referendum, in 1975. After 43 years, a referendum was held on 23 June 2016 to decide whether Britain should continue in EU or not. 52% voted that Britain should exit from the EU, popularly called BREXIT.  But, contrary to what the people of Britain voted on 23 June 2016, the law makers have a different take on this issue.

Last night, 15 Jan 2019,
British lawmakers voted to retain Britain in E.U. giving a big blow to Teresa May's much talked about Brexit. 

Opting out of E.U., in my opinion and of British Parliament, would be suicidal and only make life for Britain and Britons difficult. This article tells how E.U. membership would help Britain in the long run .. 

1) It gives them freedom to live, work and retire anywhere in Europe. 

2. Britain will continue to have better global influence within E.U. than outside it

3. Britain can benefit from agreements on terrorism prevention, promoting trade, better security, preventing human trafficking etc

4. British goods will still be popular in E.U. helping retain almost 3.1 million British jobs, in fact adding 0.8 million more British jobs

5. The economic benefit of E.U. membership to UK reflects in 4-5% of British GDP

6. Better consumer protection for British customers across Europe

7. Britons can travel safe and cheap across Europe. International tourists to Britain can also travel to Europe and vice versa

8. E.U. will be an economic force to reckon with, like US, China, India etc , reinforcing the adage - United we stand, divided we fall !!  👍👍

India does not stand to benefit much from Britain joining EU or not as Indian economy is more dependent on US economy's health than that of Europe. !

Britain out of its very oppressive history has been involved in numerous repressive acts in the past from its colonial rule around the world . It's infamous history in isolating geographies, antagonising populations, estranging societies and riling cultures is taking its toll on the country. It is carrying the burden with it now. It is in Britain's self-interest to align with Europe than be alone and isolated ..

Why some Britons want a BREXIT ?
1. The economic aspect to the whole issue is that Britain pays annually close to GBP 17 billion to EU budget of app 117 billion of which GBP 8 billion  comes back as receipts. Britain, Germany, France, Italy and  Spain pays almost 50% of EU budget.

2. A divorce from EU on the other hand would mean a one time payment of GBP 40 billion only, in future years the annually recurring GBP 17 billion could be used for furthering British trade and industry.

3. The other issue for Britain was that there were more EU people working in Britain than Britons themselves. Britons were losing jobs to Europeans ..

If the British Parliament had not voted against Brexit, Britain would have come out of EU on the 29 March 2019. Now that whole process is in a limbo, will Britain go for another referendum to decide whether to quit EU or not or just accept the British Parliament decision and abide by it ?

Britain has to understand that no country can exist as an island, it needs to interact and cooperate with others in the world. An inward-looking culture is only going to pull it back in the long run,


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