Thursday, October 11, 2018

Attn : Jeff Bezos .. The extremely high Carbon Footprint of Amazon packaging in India ..

Most of the people have this strange behaviour of complimenting others and organisations when  they observe them doing good either for the society and environment or for the final customer. Of late the customers of Amazon in India have been floored by the packaging of goods they have been receiving from Amazon India. It is definitely high class, high quality, safe, reliable and durable .. Durability - that is what is troubling them and other quality and environment-conscious customers ..
The extra-strong and sturdy AMAZON packaging, who is paying for it ..
The customer or Amazon ?

How can Amazon India deliver more value to their customers in terms of packaging ? Is the customer delight Amazon India is presently delivering to the customer being misconstrued by the customer as an overkill and an affront to the environment ?

Is there a growing concern at the Carbon footprint of the packaging materials used by Amazon ?

Some useful suggestions to Amazon global. (For Jeff Bezos)

  • Please reduce the heavy packing Amazon uses to deliver products to the customer. Optimising packing quality, dependability and durability to match the value of goods being delivered !!
  • Reduce the mismatch between packing box volume and delivered items, smaller items should be delivered in smaller boxes, particularly in the case of Amazon pantry. Try to reduce the number of shipments too ..
  • Amazon's packing materials are very durable and strong, customers don't feel like disposing them and store it for future use at homes
  • The value add Amazon deliver is not only for the materials they supply, but also in the quality and reliability of the delivery mechanism. This no doubt, brings extreme customer delight !
  • The Indian customers are equally concerned about the "damage Amazon does to the environment" in it's over-obsession to serve the customer, while forgetting the damage it does to the environment. Use optimal packing modes
  • With the fear of having to stock such high quality packing material at home or disposing them safely, the customers are not sure how soon one will find fill the homes filled with packing material and make customers re-think their personal e-commerce strategy and force them to go back to old methods of brick-and-mortar shopping - all for the sake of the environment 
  • Amazon India should develop a reverse logistics strategy (at the delivery time itself) of collecting undamaged packaging material which could be used for future packaging to other customers.
  • Amazon India can consider developing an extra performance metric of Packaging turns, like inventory turns. Try to aim for a value of 3 and more, the value of which signifies the number of times the same packaging could be used to serve goods to customers.  Else Amazon India is  doing a great disservice to the environment. 
  • The Indian customers wish to understand and analyse the cradle-to-grave account of Amazon packaging material to ensure the customers are not damaging the environment by shopping at Amazon.

The typical and time-tested approach of the world's oldest civilization from India to resource consumption and  to all aspects of life has been to have an optimising mind-set. Not of the Jugaad type, but of the useful, reusable, recyclable and environment friendly product type.

Not sure, but will a deviation from this mindset potentially damage the brand image of Amazon in India in the long run ??


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  1. What are the packing solutions they might consider? You must consider the mishandling and wear and tear caused during shipment.


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