Sunday, July 08, 2018

Theory of Constraints game

Eliyahu Goldratt first proposed Theory of Constraints as an effective LEAN production management philosophy. 

At Alliance University Bangalore in the Operations stream we play the TOC game that tells us how the constraint which limits the output from the system changes with each cycle, how the constraint workstation may become the unconstrained workstation in the following cycle and so on by using toothpicks.  In a game of 10 cycles, with 5 workstations, we find the throughput to be barely 40 - 60%. 

Click here for a very good ppt on TOC ..

When we identify a bottleneck, we need to ensure that -
1.  all other players perform according to the beat of the bottleneck operations. 
2. Concentrate on the stock of inventory (buffer) and reduce this buffer in front of the bottleneck operation 
3. This buffer can be reduced by pulling certain ropes (bringing some controls) to ensure throughput in the line without any buffer. 
4. Concentrate on the bottleneck station and see how the throughput can now be increased from this station
5. When we do this we will see that some other station becomes the bottle neck and inventory starts piling up in front of that station.   
6. Go to step I again .. 



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