Thursday, July 05, 2018

The six day Arab Israel war ..

The six day Arab Israel war is considered to be one of the greatest defeats suffered by any country in modern day history. 
Defeated and humiliated .. Abdel Nassar of Egypt

Taking one through those historical events, of the four great enemy countries of the small state of Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, by now two have been totally decimated, Syria has even been totally wiped out !! 

Good that Arabia misappropriated and ruled by the Saud family did not take part in the famous 1967 six day war against Israel, else they too would have been part of the rich history of that region ... 

20,000 casualties were inflicted on the enemy by Israel compared to 1000 Israeli casualties. A total of 68,000  sq km of land was captured from the enemies, Sinai Peninsula (60,000 and Gaza Strip (365 from Egypt, Golan heights, (1,800 from Syria and West Bank from Jordan, (5,640 In contrast, Israel as a whole is just 20,770 in area.  

It was the greening of the desert area by Israel that initially raised Arab envy. Israel is scantily populated with a population of just 9 million. For comparison, Israel is 5x state of Kerala in area with just a quarter of Kerala's population of 3.5 crores.

This six-day Arab Israel war saw the defeat of Arab nationalism and resignation of Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt. Arabs have ever since remained totally subjugated to Israel and scary of Israeli advances. Under UN intervention, the occupied Sinai peninsula of 60.000 was returned to Egypt, but the Gaza Strip, Golan heights and the West Bank, totally 7800 area, have been retained by Israel. 

This continues to be the bone of contention between Israel and Arabs to this day !!

Click here for the video of the war reporting ..

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