Monday, July 23, 2018

Soccer stars caught in Tham Luang caves, N. Thailand ..

The most daunting, exciting and difficult international collaboration cave rescue mission ever, 1 km deep and 2 km inside the water flooded Tham Luang caves in N Thailand. 
Coach Jantawong speaks on behalf of the 12 boys..

Click here for the youtube video .. for the 55 minute ABC documentary ..

The rescue operation was daunting because it Involved not one or two but thirteen soccer stars, boys aged 11 -16 years of age with a 25 year old coach trapped without food, water or fresh air for more than 10 days in the caves with absolute zero visibility and neck-deep water.  

In this 55 minute documentary from Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) with excellent photography, the situation around the cave complex and inside it right through the rescue operation is documented in great detail pictorially. 

This is one of the first documentaries that have come out on the daring international rescue mission. Six films are also coming out about this cave rescue. 

Excellent photography and world-class journalism  🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍


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