Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Green building discussion at AU

One of our second semester Operations MBA students is doing an internship on the insolation (solar panel fixing) plans of AU central campus. He has also deeply looked at the eligibility criteria for Green Building certification LEED- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design by the Indian Green Buildings Council (IGBC). 

Getting LEED certification for the campus besides being a very popular tool for sustainability and Lean operations within the campus, is also a great brand building tool for the University. We passionately care for our green campus and already have 20 % requirements met. There is no greater feather in the cap than getting LEED Silver, Gold or Platinum certification for our campus, which automatically catapults us to international league ... some examples 
  • CISCO campus on Outer Ring Road, Bangalore have five of the eight buildings already LEED Platinum certified. 
  • Hotel ITC Gardenia Bangalore from the ITC group is the only 5 star hotel in Asia to be LEED Platinum rated. 
  • Infosys buildings at Mysore, Pune and Hyderabd have LEED Platinum rating 

LEED certification for Green Buildings  (International sustainability standards from USGBC and IGBC) requires a planned approach to 
  • construction and maintenance of buildings using locally available materials 
  • optimal usage of natural lighting and effective ventilation within buildings and inside classrooms
  • optimising energy consumption using renewable energy like solar energy and LED bulbs
  • effective solid waste disposal, 
  • efficient sewage water disposal and recycling for gardening
  • rain water harvesting for conserving water and raising water table in the campus
  • carbon-free transportation inside the campus to reduce CO2 emissions etc.

The student Saroj is majorly ready with a presentation on the requirements for LEED certification  requirements for the AU campus and is interested in getting your valuable inputs for the same. The objectives are two fold 
  1. helping faculty members acquire specialised knowledge on sustainability efforts with the help of LEED certification and its different requirements criteria
  2. giving feedback to Saroj to do a great job
In case you are free this AN , care passionately for the environment, wish to understand what are the current global practices, regulations and certification requirements to help build a greener world around us, pl do join for the presentation as detailed below. Contribute and share your knowledge.

Topic   : Study of Green Certification (LEED) requirements of Alliance University
Venue : LHE 101
Time   : 3.30 - 4.30 PM
Date    : 31 July 2018
It's great to be proud of our green campus, but it is still greater to know how we could improve and compete with global standards.

Your presence will be a great boost !!

Sincere regards
George Easaw

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