Saturday, May 12, 2018

Believing in ourselves !! DACOIT !!

Raghav Bahl expresses some doubts about our ecommerce firms have been DACOITised .. Click here for the video ..

It is not intended to be any political but is a good clip which explains how archaic (?) Indian business rules are. Let me explain why we need not be worried .. 

The doubts expressed by our media are unfounded .. They are asking ..

Why Indian companies cannot  become behemoths like Amazon or Google ? 

How does Zuckerberg and Jack Ma control Facebook and Alibaba respectively with very little holdings in these companies ?. Jack Ma only has 8% of Alibaba!

Good questions. A bit of scepticism and apprehension is fine. Patriotism and nationalism are good to an extent, but should we be looking more at global markets than inwards .. ? For one Flipkart we have more Indian entrepreneurs waiting to bloom ..

In my humble opinion, do Indian entrepreneurs really need government support and favourable rules and regulations ? They have reached this level despite governmental support and backing. 

The buyout of Flipkart (the biggest buyout of an ecommerce firm in history) is just a shakeup in the global e-commerce system. 

I am extremely positive and highly optimistic that Indians are capable of much more and they don't need the crutches Chinese and American govts provide through favourable legislation to their businesses to ensure their existence.

If Jio could topple global telecom market and send global telecom giants scurrying for cover in India and are worried of Jio entering global telecom markets, it is clear evidence that Indian talent and skills are above world-class .. 👍

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