Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Water scarcity around the world ..

BBC : Despite covering 70% of Earth's surface, potable fresh water is just 3% of global supplies. 

2.7 billion of the 7.5 billion people on earth (36%) have stressed water supplies, with one billion people (14%) lacking access to water. 

As per UN endorsed projections, these are the 12 cities around the world most likely to be in the grip of acute water shortage by 2030 AD, when demand will exceed supply by 40%.

1.   Cape Town, South Africa
2.   Sao Paulo, Brazil
3.   Bangalore, India
4.   Beijing, China
5.   Cairo, Egypt
6.   Moscow, Russia
7.   Jakarta, Indonesia
8.   Istanbul, Turkey
9.   Mexico City, Mexico
10. London, UK
11. Tokyo, Japan
12. Miami, US

Will the third World War be fought over water ? Click here for the BBC news ..

How can the people of the world jointly combat this great challenge staring at humanity ?

Click here for a VR video explaining what water shortage means ..  

Came across this great innovation from the net, Source, a solar panel that creates drinking water.  Click here for the video ..

Hope more such innovations come up to save humanity ..


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