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Drinking water crisis in Bengaluru ..

Is Bangalore staring at a grave fresh drinking water crisis soon ?

Indicators of water pollution in Bangalore -

Salinity - more than acceptable limits of 3000 micro mhos/cm
Nitrate - more than the acceptable limits of 45 mg/litre
Flouride - more than acceptable limits of 1.5 mg/litre
Total Dissolved Solids -  660 parts per million (ppm) (acceptable limits 60 ppm)

High levels of nitrate and salinity in water cause depletion of Oxygen levels in human blood leading 
to cancer and the Blue baby syndrome (believed to be caused by nitrate contamination in 
groundwater resulting in decreased oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin in babies leading 
to death).

Groundwater Pollution

On a Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) study based on 3000 samples taken from  800 sq km 
area in Bangalore city, groundwater Pollution basically emanates from 2 sources.

Geogenic - deep borewell drilling (more than 1500 ft or 500m) brings groundwater rich in minerals
 and metals to the surface for human consumption, damaging human health, leading to  kidney 
damage, necessitating dialysis

Anthropogenic - (man made cuases) sewage water entering borewells going 1500 ft deep, polluting 
ground fresh water resources making ng it unfit for human consumption. It is pollution of ground 
water resources by unscientific handling of sewage.

Immediate damage to the population of Bengaluru

* Kidney-failure increased from 1 in 1 lakh to 1 in 500 related ailments

* Fluorosis affecting the gums and teeth besides triggering deposition of yellowish salts on teeth enamel.

* Contaminants get inside body through water and feeding on vegetables, fruits grown downstream of 
polluted water bodies.

A counter to the claim is published in the Newsminute website of 5 March 2018 .. 
Please read it here .. 

Good news keep coming as rays of hope for the city of Bangalore. Here is the story of how Hebbal 
lake has been rejuvenated and has been brought back to l;ife, bringing birds to the lake.

Reference :
    • Bangalore Mirror, TOI, 5 April, 2017.
    Click here for the link ..

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