Sunday, February 11, 2018

Zoomcar Pedl - IoT bicycles ..

Youngsters at 7 am waiting to take the cycles
It was a very enjoyable experience to use Pedl at Pune, while staying at Pune.

Pedl from Zoomcar, the Internet of Things (IoT) bicycle, has come up free cycling experience for the people to start using bicycles, both for pleasure and health. 

When I went at 7 am on sunday morning to take a bicycle, the whole place was crowded with youngsters, 18-21 age group wanting to use the cycles for short rides. At just Re. 1 for 30 minutes, it is almost free. All were busy linking their Zoomcar/Pedl account on the smartphone with the Paytm payment account.
Great to be cycling again ...

At 7.30 am, by the time I got the two accounts linked, all cycles were gone. After a quick breakfast back at the hotel, along with Prof. Ramana Shetty we took two cycles and went for short rides. It is the experience that is most important. 

It is great that Zoomcar has taken this initiative to offer free cycle ride to Pune residents - a healthy alternative to motorized two wheelers and four wheelers. 

Thank you Zoomcar !!!!

Procedure :
1. Download the Zoomcar app, click on Pedl
2. connect with your Paytm account.
3. Scan the QR code on the bicycle, which will automatically open after deducting Re 1 from your Paytm account.
4. The cycle lock will be automatically opened and you can take the cycle for the ride. (PS : Do not close the screen, keep it open.)

Enjoy the ride .. After the ride,

5. Use the app to park your cycle and lock. Automatically the cycle is locked.

PS : The cycle has to be left in select parking spots across the city which can be found on the Zoomcar app. (not anywhere one likes)

If more civic and health conscious people give up private transport and take to public transport or such shared public utilities, while ensuring our health, the quality of our life can improve considerably.


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