Thursday, January 04, 2018

"My wife, My wealth" principle ..

👩"My Wife, My Wealth" 👸 by the Oshwal Community.

The community, that usually has the surname Shah, has some of the wealthiest people in Kenya.

Many members own top of the range supermarkets, shopping malls, and factories. And the experience of interacting with the top leadership of the community was a major eye opener for me.

When I asked one of the leaders why the community appears to prosper - far more than others:- he gave me a very interesting answer: "My wife, my wealth" Principle.

He explained to me that they learnt that treating their women well has some very Tangible Benefits. According to them, women are like nature - they multiply what you give them, and give it back to you. They are taught - right early in life to treat their women right, irrespective (of the status).

"If you give a woman a small seed, after nine months, she will give you a bouncing baby" he started. In a poetic way he continued...

If you give a woman love, she will adore you,

If you give a woman respect and honour, she will worship you,

If you give a woman time, she will give you a Life Time,

If you give a woman money, she will give you an investment.

On the contrary, if you give a woman slaps, life will slap you back.
If you oppress your woman, society will oppress you.

He then told me to open my eyes, and observe, with complete honesty anyone that treats his wife like trash, and follow how they end up. Or observe anyone that treats his wife like a queen and see how they end up.

He further reiterated, You all men will have to try it, after having lived on your ways for decades, just try this principle for couple of years, you will be amazed to see your prosperity too.

Believe in "MY WIFE, MY WEALTH" Principle and Prosper. 👍👍🙏🙏

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