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After Telecom Rev 1.0 and 2.0, Reliance Jio starts Telecom Rev 3.0 in India - Tsunami Innovation

How long more will telecom wars in India continue ?

How can the different telecom revolutions be classified ? 
  • Telecom Revolution 1, revolved around the analog telecom technology and exchanges where access was limited to the elite few, mighty and powerful. 
  • Telecom Revolution 2, revolved around the adoption of digital technologies and the spread of expensive mobile feature phones and of late smart phones, which enabled telephony reach all sections of society, affordability still remained a problem
  • Telecom Revolution 3, as we see it now, revolves around the affordability and cost aspects of telecom technology. Hardware players are competing with each other to offer the customers the best in terms of equipments and high speed phones, not to forget the telecom operators who have hijacked the cost aspects to offer the customers the best they could never even dream of. 
In the area of telecom India has been doing quantum leaps, the term leapfrogging would be most apt and ideal to describe India's performance of late. India has escaped the heavyweight bag of having to carry old, developing technologies of half a century. It has instead leapfrogged to accept the latest and fast fourth generation telecom technology which has penetrated the cities, towns and country side across India like wildfire.
Mukesh Ambani is into Tsunami Innovation ..

Special mention needs to be made here of the effort by a few forward looking, competitive, truly customer oriented companies like Airtel, Jio, Vodafone and Idea, not forgetting the state owned BSNL who over the past two years have been going out of their way to serve the Indian customer to the hilt, even at times staking their very survival in the Indian market.

Never have customers in any part of the world been served and patronised so whole heartedly, so selflessly and so patiently by corporates who have gone beyond their call of duty to serve the Indian customers. Even though a little credit could be given to Reliance Jio for having set the mood and temperament of extreme customer service in the Indian telecom market, the other major players also need to be credited equally well for the support they have given to Reliance Jio to help serve the Indian customers the best. 

Costs tumbled, calling within the country from any corner to any corner for how much much ever time became free (the only country in the world to do so..), probably because there was an excess of capacity over demand. The existing demand was limited to the cities and towns which constituted just 30% of the Indian population, with the rest 70%, informed and enthusiastic, waiting to join the bandwagon, the only impediment being costs. With the wilful and unselfish joint effort by all the major telecom players of the country that hurdle has now been removed. Indians from the very weaker cross sections of society to the super rich have got equally unfettered access to free telecom calling from any part to to any other part of the country for how long one wants to. No country in the world could match up to this offer even at any point in the near future.

What was the basic reason for this bonanza for the customers ? Telecom bandwidth capacity of the optic fibre type has been laid right across the country by the telecom major Reliance Jio outstripped demand. In fact, Reliance Jio has invested the maximum, to the tune of almost $33 billion, funded by the market, the highest by any telecom player in any part of the world in telecom infrastructure ever.. 

To top it all, Reliance Jio as part of its Republic Day 2018 offer, has given attractive tariffs making calling across the country, as cheap as Rs 49 ($ 0.75) for a period of 28 days with a GB of 4G data to go with it. An unbeatable offer !!

Lets wait and see how the other major players would either scramble for cover or wholeheartedly and selflessly come to the forefront yet again to serve the Indian customer. Good wishes to all of them and many more years of free calling for the Indian public ..


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Carbon footprint pic..

Interesting graphic.
Should'nt US be ashamed of itself for promoting irresponsible development ?

US average Carbon footprint 20 T is shocking !! Where is US clandestinely dumping all its Carbon, in the oceans, in the air or dumping it in other countries of the world ?

Rest of the world average is 4T (US included) and 3.29 T (excluding US). Will US ever learn any lesson or continue with its dumb approach to tackle climate change and environment protection ?

This situation raises some serious issues for the rest of the world.

1. Why is US not interested in reducing its carbon footprint ? 
2. Can US Carbon footprint reduction make any change in the global impact of climate change ? 
3. Should the three top polluters of the world, China, US and India work concertedly to arrest pollution and climate change ?
          4. Can the top three polluters of the world look at Carbon-neutral development ?


The mystery behind the Hypatia rock ..

Real life specimens to actual scale of the Hypatia rock ..
This is a small piece of rock found in the Eastern Egyptian desert by geologists. It is the most important stone ever discovered on planet Earth.

It is older than our solar system, ie more than 4800 million years old. It has large amount of Carbon, less Silicon, still less the metals Aluminum and Iron, all held together by a dough like mix of Poly aromatic compounds.

The rock has been named after the Alexandrian woman geologist and mathematician Hypatia who lived around 355 - 415 AD ..

Can we expect more light to be thrown on ancient earth history and the formation of the solar system ??

George (courtesy Popular Mechanics, Jan 2018)

Sunday, January 07, 2018

When should a company focus on innovation ?

While going through a couple of articles on what describes the best time to focus on innovation, I was surprised to get some very simple and startling insights on the innovation process.

No business organisation, either for-profit or not-for-profit can ever remain successful.

Given the dynamic circumstances in which they are functioning, the structures, management capabilities, strengths and weaknesses keep changing almost on a daily basis. If last year was a great time for organisations to make profits and consolidate, this year the situation may change drastically making the organisation very vulnerable and slow in growth. It is the objective of senior management in any organisation to understand the dynamic nature of the environment in which the organisation is functioning and guide the organisation through times thick and thin.

What time is the best for an organisation to embark on innovation ?

While going through good times, any organisation for that matter, would first look at consolidating it's position and increasing it's revenues. Good times are times to make profits and ensure one's consolidation of the industry. 

But when an organisation passes through trying and challenging times, for example,

1. When an organisation business is passing through difficult times,
2. when the economy of the country is in turmoil and reconstitution,
3. when the organisation is passing through times of trial and tribulation,
4. when the organisation needs to be recast from the beginning,
5. when the organisation needs to shift its operations to a virtually new land and territory or business sector,
6. when an organisation needs a recoup of its top senior management with an entirely fresh and experienced top management, 

All of these are great times to go for innovation.

As Martha Mangelsdorf notes, innovations should be able to showcase how in the first instance it can help the organisation save money while at the same time provide the same quality of service with no dilution. 

Innovation as we know, delivers great value for the organisation, innovation during these times can identify hidden sectors in the organisation where changes could be effected for the better, giving great value for all the stakeholders, not forgetting the most important stakeholder, the customer himself. 

All Innovation starts with different sectors of the organisation during their tough times and essentially ends with the customer. “Tough times present an opportunity to assess systemic weakness in one’s industry, company and leadership team,” - Prof. Schoemaker, Marketing Professor at  Wharton Business School. Prof. Schoemaker continues, "use tough times to do a self-audit" to prepare one for innovation. 

Ref :
1. Markman, Art, Innovate during tough times,, June 15, 2016
2. Mangelsdorf, Martha, How to innovate in tough times, MIT Sloan Management Review, Jan 20, 2009
3. Knowledge at Wharton, Finding money for Innovation, Develop those people skills, Jan 7, 2009.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

"My wife, My wealth" principle ..

👩"My Wife, My Wealth" 👸 by the Oshwal Community.

The community, that usually has the surname Shah, has some of the wealthiest people in Kenya.

Many members own top of the range supermarkets, shopping malls, and factories. And the experience of interacting with the top leadership of the community was a major eye opener for me.

When I asked one of the leaders why the community appears to prosper - far more than others:- he gave me a very interesting answer: "My wife, my wealth" Principle.

He explained to me that they learnt that treating their women well has some very Tangible Benefits. According to them, women are like nature - they multiply what you give them, and give it back to you. They are taught - right early in life to treat their women right, irrespective (of the status).

"If you give a woman a small seed, after nine months, she will give you a bouncing baby" he started. In a poetic way he continued...

If you give a woman love, she will adore you,

If you give a woman respect and honour, she will worship you,

If you give a woman time, she will give you a Life Time,

If you give a woman money, she will give you an investment.

On the contrary, if you give a woman slaps, life will slap you back.
If you oppress your woman, society will oppress you.

He then told me to open my eyes, and observe, with complete honesty anyone that treats his wife like trash, and follow how they end up. Or observe anyone that treats his wife like a queen and see how they end up.

He further reiterated, You all men will have to try it, after having lived on your ways for decades, just try this principle for couple of years, you will be amazed to see your prosperity too.

Believe in "MY WIFE, MY WEALTH" Principle and Prosper. 👍👍🙏🙏

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