Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Live for others .. In the long run, we are all the same ..

Very often we lead our lives thinking of ourselves, what we will do, what we will wear, what will I get in return and what will happen to me and my family etc.. Have we ever thought how others would be affected with my living ?
Am I doing something to make others' lives any better ? 

I found this anonymous message from the Internet quite striking.. makes one think deeply .. In the long run, if we do good, those are the only good thoughts that will be with us. Because in the long run, we are all the same .. The message exposes the futility of running after wealth, health, education, money, position, power, affluence etc.. 

Quote :
At age of 40 years, "highly educated" and  "less educated" are the same. (Less educated people may even earn more money)  
At 50 years, "beauty" and "ugly" are the same. (No matter how pretty you are, at this age, wrinkles, dark spots, etc. can no more be hidden.) 
At 60 years, "high position" and "low position" are the same. (After retirement, even a peon will avoid looking at his boss) 
At 70 years, "big house" and "small house" are the same. (Joints degenerate, hard to move, only require a little space to sit) 
At 80 years, "have money" and "no money" are the same. (Even when you want to spend money, you don't know where to spend) 
At 90 years, "Sleeping" and "waking up" are the same. (After you wake up, you still don't know what to do) 
- Unquote.

This passage is not to mean that there is no value in education and good health, but it helps us to understand that in the long run, whatever we earn, legitimately or illegitimately, whatever we get to know from different sources, whatever we do for ourselves will be of no use to us. Whatever we have earned legitimately, our children will make good use of it and whatever we have earned illegitimately by cheating others, by concealing income and not paying the tax due to the state etc., will bring us more harm than good. It is the best way to see that our children get spoiled and their lives go waste. Money not hard-earned, is just waste.

Do a life of giving and service.

Take life easy, there are no mysteries to be solved.  

In the long run, we'll all be the same. 


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