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How the Indian telecom industry is leading the world ..

The Voice and Data Revolution in India, leading the world

When Mukesh Ambani decided to introduce Reliance Jio telecom in the country, the already flooded telecom Industry was in for a major change for the better. Indian telecom has since evolved and is at its very best now. Indians have leapfrogged over the rest of the world in telecom revolution .. Almost all of the major telecom players in the country are giving voice calls across the country totally free and charging only for data, with monthly free voice and 1 GB/day data packages going for as low as $2.5 a month ...

A typical home in Bangalore would have from 2-5 GB of data transfer capability at speeds of between 5-10 Mbps. And in addition Indians, in a truly independent India, also get to use free versions of Internet telephony apps like whatsapp, FB, Duo, Skype etc for audio and video calls (unlike in the Middle East where usage of such Internet telephony sites are banned for security or other reasons..) !! The telecom industry has been evolving innovatively for the benefit of the common man adding value in more ways than one. 

A farmer using mobile phone  .. courtesy
As  already mentioned while voice communication across the country is freely offered by all major telecom players, data communication costs just Rs 5/- per GB of 4G (approx 8 cents) .. Is it possible to get such a unique combination of voice and data at such dirt cheao rates and best technology anywhere in the world ? These fast and rapid developments over the past one and a half years since the introduction of Reliance Jio telecom brings more apprehensions, raises more doubts and questions than answers .. The earlier telecom players had invested heavily in getting telecom licenses from Govt of India in the public auctions and were in a haste to recover their investments in bandwidth. But the rapid pace at which Internet telephony was developing across the world toppled the applecart for these major global telecom players. and it is feared the global telecom scene will still evolve for many more years and make high speed Internet based telephony cheap and affordable across the world.

A few questions of what these development will bring to India and how it can help transform India ..
  1. What does this mean for the Indian common man ?
  2. What percentage of Indians have access to this telecom / Data revolution ?
  3. How is this paving the way for the revolution in communication happening across the world ?
  4. How is it that Indians have leapfrogged over the rest of the world in offering free telecom services across the country whereas in the rest of the world, terrestrial telecommunication is still charged and costly too ?
  5. What does it hold for the future of India ?
  6. How is this going to affect India's future growth ?
  7. How will this impact telecom growth in other parts of the world ?
  8. Will the overriding influence of the private sector in Indian telecom growth be a lesson for the rest of the world

I wish to come up with answers to these questions and see that the rapid telecom development in India does not actually cripple us while on the other hand, it helps us to surge ahead and ensure uniform technological, social, economic growth and development across the nation and the world.

George Easaw

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