Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Education - importance and relevance ..

How does an unlearned, unsophisticated youngster become mature, learned and informed ? The only way a youngster could attain knowledge, maturity and be informed of many aspects of this Universe and earth is through education.

What is Education ?

1. Understanding ourselves : Education as we understand, is not just memorising some numbers and facts, getting information, verifying certain truths, proposing certain facts, writing some exams and getting some grades or experimenting with nature, it is much more.  It helps to understand ourselves better.
2. Knowing oneself and one's inequities : It involves calibrating oneself with nature, understanding where an individual has erred, what can be done to get it working again and wishing good and positivity for all living and non-living things on earth.

3. Conducting research : Education is more than collecting and understanding facts and verifying truths by research, it reflects on how human beings interact with fellow humans on planet earth.  
4. Wisdom and understanding : education gives us the wisdom and understanding to rationalise the reason for our existence on Earth.  
5. Reverberating with the rhythm of the Universe : It gives us the insight to place humanity in the vastness of the Universe, to rationalise our existence here and how each one of us has a definite positive role to play in reverberating with the universal rhythm and flow of events.
6. Exposure to the infiniteness of the Universe : Education exposes us to the infiniteness of the Universe and at the same time synchronises with the subtle realities of our everyday life on planet earth and the exciting new challenges and problems it exposes. 
7. Reasoning life's existence : Education helps us to understand the reason for life's existence (all flora and fauna) on planet earth and synchronises with the eternal rhythm of the unknown and uncalibrated dimensions in space and time.

8. Understanding the reality : Education gives us better understanding and synchronises our knowledge of the present reality and past truths with future revelations.  
9. Quells fear of unknown and infinite : Education quells our fear of the unknown and infinite, it energises and empowers our voyage to identify the truth.  
10. Reverberate with vibes of Universe : Education gives the peace of mind to help reverberate our living soul with the eternal vibes of the Universe and its creator.

11. Linking with eternal truth of life : education helps us to identify the reason for our existence on earth, it helps us to continue our effort to relate ourselves with the eternal truth of life.
An investment one makes in education is no waste at any point of time, as education with the appropriate efforts from the individual put in, always pays back multiple times.  


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