Friday, October 20, 2017

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to make your phone faster

Japanese Management principles rely on Lean Operations to a great extent. Standard Operating Procedure forms a great part of the discipline anyone needs to follow to ease up your work, make it smarter, efficient and less cumbersome. 

In this day of innumerable smartphone apps available for download and cheap data, we tend to use more apps and download more data. More frequently than not, most of our smartphone systems software do not have auto cleansing features. It does not prompt us to

1. move apps from the phone memory to the SD card
2. delete cache data and other data stored in phone memory to clean the phone's internal memory so that the phone will be fast to use.

Here is an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) while downloading apps to our smartphone to keep the phone fast and healthy..

- Beginning of document -

Smartphone Cleaning and Sysem Updation Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
SOP No.: A1
Department / Organisation : Personal / home
Country of Origin : India
Date prepared : 20 Oct 2017

Objective : To make smartphones / tabs work faster
Scope : To cover all smartphones and tabs work faster
Smartphone Operating System - Android
Recommended version - Android 5.1.1

Procedure :

     A) While downloading new Apps
        1. Go to Google store
        2. Search for the desired app from the most secure source
        3. Download the app
        4. Go to Settings,  -> App management, -> (downloaded) app, -> Move storage to SD card

     B) Weekly once, to clean up your phone
        a. Go to Settings, App Management, 
        b. click on apps taking more than 50 Mb of storage and
        c. ensure app storage is on SD card and
        d. data is deleted
        e. Reboot the phone

    C) Monthly Once, system updates
        a) go to Settings -> Phone -> System updates -> click on OK
        b) after system updates (from 10- 20 minutes), system will automatically roboot with updated features and better speed

Date prepared : 20 Oct 2017
Date of next revision : 19 Oct 2018
Originator Name / Designation / Signature : George Easaw, Author and Professor, -sign-
Approver Name / Designation / Signature : George Easaw, Author and Professor, -sign-
Version no : 1.0.0,
Previous version - nil

- End of document -

Being a heavy user on the phone for almost 50% of my waking life, I find my Lenovo Octacore, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB SD memory smartphone following this SOP gives me true value for money !!


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