Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Life on Earth ..


If this is what happens after human extinction on Earth, roughly every 100 million years, imagine we have had approximately 46 earlier cycles of such creation and extinction already !! 

What would have been the size and shape of the intelligent thinking creatures in each of these geological cycles and what would have been their accomplishments and creations, knowledge sources, energy sources like ? 

In each of these cycles, what were their Gods and religious customs like ? Did they ever have Gods at all ? What were  those civilization and cultures like ?

How did they move from point A to point B ? Did they explore outer space ?

What rational thinking (like our Science) and knowledge did they rely on ?

How many of that intelligent species populated planet Earth then ? How did they reproduce? What were their food like ?

Were material, spiritual, knowledg or any otheer possessions considered desirable in society? Excess of which of these possessions brought respect in society ?

What did they call the supernatural powers then ? How did they worship them ? Were the intelligent species divided on these powers they worshipped ?

Did all members of the intelligent species have the same colour of skin ? Were they discrminated then ?

Did they live in families and societies ? Who became the leader and what qualities did he or she have ?

Where there two or more than two sexes or only one ? How was time denoted then ? Were there any more fundamental dimensions than that of mass, length and time which we possess ?

Interesting thoughts ..

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