Monday, September 11, 2017

Is this Afghanistan or Florida ?

No nation is advanced or strong enough in this world, as the above pic shows .. All have their own weaknesses and pain points .. In Texas and Florida, we saw and continue to see US being tossed left and right, up and down .. No AWACS, no STAR WARS, no nuclear bomb can save US now ..

It is a sad plight to see a strong power, US, global leader in science and technology, medicine, transportation, space technology and so on, also the second largest polluter of the world, totally helpless, being pounded time and again by mother nature ! Trillions of dollars of material damage already  ..

Let's be modest and mend our ways !

President Trump needs to have a relook at his climate policy. The vagaries of nature occuring all around the world, particularly now in United States, is due to man's insensitivity, especially that of the leader United States, to the uncontrolled atmospheric and ground based pollution happening around the world.

Now it is United States, next it could be Europe and then the rest of the world. Beware, countries of the world. US would not accept its responsibility in causing this great change in global climate by polluting the world from 1876 onwards when it regained the position as the world's top industrial power.

The casualty of this hurrricane so far in US has been three deaths and 65 millions of people shifted to makeshift safety camps. the material damage has been very large. HBR suspects  damage to the local economy to the tune of $1.2 trillion. It could take perhaps weeks and months to retain its earlier glory. Lets be optimistic and modest. Climate change from global pollution is not just the look out of Europe and Asia, US also has its hands in deep shit in this problem and needs to pull up its pants and co-operate with global efforts to contain future damaging global effects of climate change ..


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