Monday, July 10, 2017

Start small for a greener planet - reduce your Carbon footprints..

Ask oneself - Do I make conscious efforts to personally have a sustainable life style ?

Always stick to the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

These are a set of humble instructions in all the everyday actions in our life, which if followed by everyone will help make planet earth a more greener place to live..

1. Living and surroundings
a. make more use of natural lighting and wind circulation
b. keep surroundings clean
c. use more of cotton bags and less of polythene bags
d. always insist on less packaging for goods and food items
e. try to purchase more from kirana stores than from super markets
f. employ rainwater harvesting to preserve water
g. try to fast for at least half a day in a week or 2 days in a month
h. at source itself, try to segregate waste and prepare compost for organic waste
2. Food and drinks 

a. eat more of unprocessed and unpackaged food
b. eat less of meat, eggs, poultry and fish
c. eat more of locally available food, fruits, vegetables
d. use less of plastic bottles and packaged / processed drinks and water
3. Energy usage 
a. use energy efficient LED bulbs
b. maintain fans, pumps, motors etc regularly for efficient operation
c. switch off fans and lighting when not in use
d. switch off wi-fi routers and other electronic gadgets before one goes to sleep
4. Study / Games / Work environment

a. try to read and study in naturally lit and naturally ventilated rooms
b. try to use more of renewable energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines 
c. while organising sports or other events, be more green conscious
5. Transport 
a. make more use of public transport
b. try to walk more to your destination instead of taking automobile, it is very healthy too
c. if taking private transport, try to do more car-pooling
d. always insist on less storage and less transportation in the supply chain 
6. Socialising

a. go to clubs and entertainment centres near to home to avoid excess travel
b. network with social service NGO to take away excess food at special events

These are some simple steps one can take to make a sustainable world from our home or work environment. And if everyone on planet earth decides to do his bit for the environment, imagine how wonderful and peaceful this planet is going to be ..


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