Saturday, May 13, 2017

The fantastic story of the revival of Kuttamperoor river in Kerala, INDIA ..

Kuttanperoor river, before revival
On the left is the image of the Kuttanperoor river in Alleppey district of Kerala just two years ago. For the past two months 30,000 people of the locality around this river  have worked for the revival of the river and on the right bottom, you can witness what a change societal action has brought forth.

Kuttamperoor is a river flowing through the Budhanur village in Alleppey district of Kerala through Chennithala, Mavelikara, Alleppey district in Kerala, India.. This river had lot of wild growth and was un-navigable. The absense of water also led to the wells in the surrounding areas going dry as the reservoir collecting the water was dry.

Kuttanperoor river after revial, May 2017.
Click here for the video of the revival of the Kuttanperoor river ..

After about 10 years of death of the river miraculously the river has been brought back to life. The people of the area under the leadership of the local MLA G Sudhakaran, took up the initiative involving 700 people who worked for 30,000 labour days cleaned the weeds and wild vegetation around the river and got the 12 kilometre river back to navigable status and to healthy life.

The people taking part in the revival process ..
It is a great and noble effort from the people of Budhanur and it will be remembered in all of history. It could also be a model for the whole country to follow. (My hometown Chennithala in Kerala is also near to this river)

When rivers go dry in different parts of the country, this example shows how as a cooperative effort with the involvement of the people can bring the life line of human life, rivers to life.

The people of Budhanur deserve to be awarded with a great honourable prize and recognition at the national level which will motivate people in the Southern states of India to look after their rivers. It will also help the people around Ganga to think hard on how Ganga could be saved from permanent and irreversible death.

The political leadership from G Sudhakaran needs to be really complimented for the great environmental revival of a river as without political support this project would not have got initiated and would not have succeeded the way it has.

The success of the project brings so much of contentment in the heart of each Malayali and each Indian as this is the harbinger of the good news that all the rivers running though different states can also be likewise revived. This also helps to raise the quality of the life of the people around these rivers to the old pristine and green ways.

This one project brings so much of promise to the country that we can revive all our rivers and bring them back to life and along with these rivers communities and societies too..

Let us all be party to this great initiative in our country. (photo credits to Mathrunbhumi, Indian Express and The Hindu)


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