Wednesday, May 03, 2017

North Korea, a few weeks more ..

An example of how insanity can
run through families ..
The world is looking forward to find out how many weeks more this country in North East Asia would exist on global maps .. With full support from China, the end may not happen that soon..

China needs and knows very well that a rogue North Korean (NK) will help to keep South Korea (SK) and Japan in check. Without NK, China would cease to be an Asia power. The day China stops patronizing NK, the country would cease to exist. So it is mutually beneficial for China and NK, that NK continues its annoying, abominable, unacceptable and detestable behaviour and suppression of democracy and people's liberties in NK.

Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un,  3 generations
Pic courtesy CNN
The plight of 25 million people in NK is very pitiable !! If a war erupts, how many of them would be alive, just because of an insane person, for no fault of the common people.

The North Korea example of dictatorship is a good case study of how delusional and unsound mind of autocratic leaders can lead to great suffering, hardship, misery and mental stress of the people.

China deciding to recall its citizens in NK gives some pointers of what's in store for the next two weeks or is it just China's ploy to make the world believe that it is very serious about controlling its rogue and perverse partner ..

A country with GDP of just $60 billion at PPP and 0.03 percent (.0003) of global GDP, is trying to bully, domineer and browbeat an economy 350x its size !

Is NK too eager to get wiped out and erased from global maps  ?

The NK atomic sites being situated closer to the  Chinese borders is a great threat for China too, as in case of an attack by US or NATO on North Korea, not only will NK be affected, all nearby regions, even crossing the border into China will also get affected .. China would be the last country interested to find its territory getting subjected to dangerous radiation ..


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