Friday, May 05, 2017

How these 13 year olds from Kurumbapetty, Trichy govt school innovated !!

Explaining and giving meat to the idea 
It was a matter of great pride for these four 13 year olds from Kurumbapetthy Govt school, Trichy when they innovated using old 20 litre plastic bottles into urinals to solve a problem they faced daily.

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The urinals at their school were ill equipped and did not have effective urine collection mechanisms. The spilled urine resulted in diseases, fever, lost classes, classroom stench and so on. The innovative solution proposed by the students solved their school urinal stench problem. This is also an effective method by which low-cost solutions have been resorted by the affected parties to innovate and come up with superior, long lasting and durable solutions.
The design and brainstorming phase ..

This idea though simple is an example of group innovation, very effective and strong in terms of teaching the basics of how to innovate ..

1. helps to solve the urine stench problem in their school in a very cost effective manner
2. finds effective use of old and damaged 20 litre plastic water bottles which otherwise would have been a headache for safe disposal
3. helps the village and the state to find effective ways to re-use plastic 20 litre bottles,
The final implementation ..
4. prolongs the life cycle of plastic through re-use before final safe disposal

This is a great example of how even small problems for adults, (big problems for children) causing health issues and poor hygienic conditions inside the classroom could be solved very effectively by children.

A step-wise procedure to look at social / societal innovation could be this :
The jubilant and successful team members
1. an open mind to identify problems
2. willingness to solve societal problems
3. enthusiastic mind to come up with multiple alternatives to solve the problem
4. practical mind to choose the best alternative
5. implement the best solution by evaluating the potential outcome in terms of the end results
a. societal benefits
b. low cost alternatives and
6. evaluating the future potential in terms of maintenance costs and life of product 

If we set up a mechanism to unleash the creativity of young minds, the creative and low-cost solutions to common day problems could be great !!

How can an innovative mindset be inculcated among the people of the country to leverage both on creativity of young minds and experience and wisdom of elderly minds to arrive at effective and low-cost solutions to societal problems ?

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