Friday, April 07, 2017

Trump pushes his armed forces to combat mode yet again !!

It was not long back, about sixteen years ago in 2001, Al Queda terrorists, funded and grown by US, attacked the World Trade Centre in New York. George Bush Jr. in return got the US forces to attack Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria (against IS). In the process lasting another eight years, US spent extra 3-4  trillion dollars, not to mention of loss of lives on both sides. Other than cultivate more enemies for US citizens across the world and make them more security conscious, more xenophobic, this armed aggression by US on the said states had no other benefit. Let us not mention about who cultivated Al-Queda with resources to fight Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and so on. The turnaround of Islamic militants to fight US interests around the world has been the most significant and important tactical impact of the fallout of the cold war.

Obstinate vs. amenable (war mongering vs peace loving..), pic courtesy CNN
Obama took over from Bush Jr and the world coulkd see the difference. Even though US did try its arm twisting tactics with some of its partners, enemies etc, never did it go out of the way. Obama kept US soldiers back in US and controlled US offensive on the rest of the world, used mediation over brute force and military might to control disputes between nations.  

Now the self-styled global policeman Trump, restarts US misadventure on the rest of the world with attacks on Syria .. One of the greatest motivational forces for the US and Russia to interfere in other parts of the world is the fact that nobody would care to fly right across half the globe to attack them in return.  If Syria is left to itself, with no external interference, it is something which they can take care of themselves. That may be difficult ln the present situation given that terrorist groups like ISIS, promoted and nurtured by US have now turned against it and is hurting Syria and Iraq in a big way. More and more external interference, time and again, from non-stakeholders is only helping complicate the Middle East crisis beyond redemption.

In the meantime, China and India exchange glances and heave a sigh of relief. They can focus now peacefully on their economic, infrastructural  and social growth. US will fight on their behalf ! Trump is a blockhead not to understand that this is the last chance for US to lead the world peacefully. China and India are just waiting to trash United States and Russia to the dustbin of history for all the sins of commission and omission they have subjected the rest of the world to.

It has also set the stage unwillingly for terrorists from other parts of the world to plan to refocus their attacks on the self-styled global policing nation of the world.

When a nation loses its global focus and becomes more inward-looking, to further it's selfish, grandiose plans, such events happen. Terrorist attacks, blood flow, suspicions, extra security, slow growth etc ..
The latest Syrian attacks are once again a reminder that unlike Obama, Trump lacking intelligence and patience can be drawn or pushed to military confrontation at the drop of a hat ..
What the erratic flip-floppery of Trump’s foreign policy really means is that America’s foes can easily manipulate the Trump administration into greater and greater military quagmires. Guardian, 7 April, 2017.


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