Monday, April 17, 2017

Take off - an action packed malayalam movie with an international theme ..

Happened to watch the malayalam movie "Take Off" a couple of days back in Bangalore. Have to say that there has never been such an active Malayalam movie for a long time. The most attractive part of the movie is the fact that a real incident which happened about two years back and which required the intervention of the CM of Kerala Oommen Chandy and the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi including the Indian ambassador, is the theme behind the movie. The picturisation of the theme has been carried out well by the Director.

Good picturisation of an international theme ..
The movie depicts the pains of a bunch of malayali nurses in strife torn Iraq and their escape from the hands of terrorist outfit, the Islamic State. In my memory, it is the first time in Malayalam film industry that an international theme has been used to make a picture. It was also a good depiction of the pain and every day challenges faced by Indian migrant labourers in Persia and Arabia.

Under the direction of Mahesh Narayanan, as the story goes, actress Parvathy as Sameera, the only Muslim woman in a pack of 19 nurses stranded in a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq tries to find her second husband played by Kunchacko Boban along with the help by the Indian govt ambassador and his team in Iraq. Fahad Fazil has played the role of the assistant well. With the help of an Indian businessman in Gulf, the Saudi Arabian monarch influences IS to release Sameera's husband.

It gives us a real idea of how Islamic State is a challenge to civilization not only in Arabia but the whole world. It demonstrates to us how in the interests of humanity, IS needs to be contained as early as possible. It was because we never had any such film that youngsters, especially from Kerala have been attracted to the violent philosophy of IS and its leader Baghdadi. This movie will prevent more such misguided youth from being captivated by the violent tactics of IS. The film has a very pleasant ending with the crossing of the Iraqi border into Turkey, as the nurses team escapes from the hands of execution by IS by a whisker on to freedom.

After seeing the movie I was reminded of the movie "Escape to victory" (click here for youtube movie) from the early 80s, where football legend Pele plays in the 1981 film as the captain, along with Sylvester Stallone, of the Allied prisoners in a German prison during second world war and beats the German all star Nazi team and escapes from the prison camp to victory. Hitler was very miffed at the victory of the prisoners team against the world champion Nazi football team.
Pele in "Escape to victory"

Hope this film prevents more misguided youth from joining IS ranks from India and other parts of the world. Islamic State is the curse of the modern day Arabia and Persia

The dubious role being played by Saudi Arabia and Qatar in funding Islamic State with enough of materials and cash supporting their violent means of establishing a Caliphate once again in the Gulf is very shocking for the common man. The same Saudi Arabia and Qatar, playing double standards, go around talking about their intentions to establish peace in the region, while hundreds are being killed daily. The role of US in precipitating this crisis in the first place in Syria and Iraq, is by itself a deep lesson for the world on how influential and powerful countries like US can sway world opinion to their favour, resulting in violence in other parts of the world.

This film also brings to the fore how the nations of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United States are acting against the interests of humanity across the world for their personal and selfish interests and growth. Such nations need to be isolated from the comity of nations and expelled from all international fora. It may not prick some conscience to milk these countries for the riches, money and wealth they offer, but it is against the interests of humanity to stand with them in such heinous acts as creating and supporting terrorist groups.


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