Thursday, April 13, 2017

SAI sanctuary, Kodagu, Anil Kumar Malhotra and Pamela ..

What a couple gave back to nature and wildlife ..
The 300 acre private forest wildlife sanctuary comes up after 25 years of hard work promoted by NRI Anilkumar Malhotra and wife Pamela near Kodagu .. Save Animals Initiative ( SAI) sanctuary ..

A great private initiative to give back to nature with no personal gain and only philanthropy in mind. 

A national recognition by way of a Padma Bhushan should be given to this couple for their efforts spanning over 25 years !

Anil and wife Pamela .. True lovers of nature ..
Click here for the video link of their activity to save nature and give back to society and future generations of humanity.. priceless ..

 Click here for more information from the website ..

For stay enquires, contact / +91-9341975527  with email / mob phone.


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