Monday, April 10, 2017

Low cost innovation case LASER disposable Razors.

I was taken aback at  this offer from UK based "Laser" disposable Razors in India.

Great features are offered in this case as detailed below..

1. Triple bladed razor, 
2. Tilting facility to suit the curvature of your fac
3. Firm grip - anti slip handle
4. Top lubricating smooth strip - with aloe and Vitamin E to initially soothe and condition the skin, prior to blade movement
5. Complex blade tilt support mechanism ..
6. Great cost innovation
7. No more cuts and scars on face !

All this for just Rs 10/- per razor which can last at least for 5 - 10 shaves. (have to confirm... . )

A pack of ten for Rs 100/-. US $1.40  .. 

Mostly everybody shirk when the discussion of cost innovation comes as some poorly informed and prejudiced people feel that cost innovation works only in poor countries like India and China. But it is a fact the world needs to agree, that these are the two countries that are going to conquer the world with their cost conscious innovation policies. If the advanced countries still feel innovation in features is more important than innovation on costs, they will be proved wrong very soon.

The personal toiletry section in Indian bathrooms is an area which is seeing loads of innovations of late. Right from single blade fixed razors which causes many cuts and nicks on the cheeks to the five blade Gillete MACH3 razors with tiltable blades, the field has been innovating at a frenetic pace.

Feature and cost Innovation at its peak !!


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