Thursday, April 20, 2017

India's top 10 market cap companies ..

Market capitalization is a measure of the customer confidence in the companies measured as the value what customers perceive it to have for their stocks in the market.

Total market capitalization of the top 10 Indian corporates as of April 2017 stands at 25,68,310 crores (app US$ 395 billion).

The Market leaders ..
(Market cap in INR, crores) (exchange rate calculated at 1 US $ = INR 65)

#1 Reliance Industries Ltd, 4,57,000 ($70.3 billion)
#2 Tata Consultancy Services, 4,56,000, (70.1 billion)
#3 HDFC Bank, 3,70,480 ($57 billion)
#4 Indian Tobacco Company, 3,38,851 ($52.1 billion)
#5 State Bank of India, 2,35,308 ($36.2 billion)
#6 HDFC 2,35,123 ($36.2 billion)
#7 Oil and Natural Gas Commission, 2,32,346 ($35.7 billion)
#8 Infosys, 2,11,870 ($32.6 billion)
#9 Hindustan Unilever, 1,97,464 ($30.4 billion)
#10 Maruti Udyog Ltd, 1,85,236 ($28.5 billion)

Of the top 10 market cap companies, 2 are from IT, 2 are from energy and telecom area, 3 are from Finance area, 2 are from retail and 1 from automobile manufacturing area. Finance sector is in the top with 3 out of 10 companies in financial services area. 2 of the top 10 companies are in the IT area reinforcing India's dominance and dependence on IT related services as economy drivers.

36% of market cap of the top 10 companies are generated by the top two companies RIL and TCS, the two flagship companies from the private sector in the country, representing energy, telecom and IT sectors.

Services vs Manufacturing -
9 of the top 10 companies are from the service sector and only 1 from manufacturing. It shows the dominance of service sector over manufacturing in the Indian economy.

Public sector vs private sector - 
Only three of the top 10 are public sector enterprises, rest are from the private sector, it shows that India's privatisation push post 1991 has worked quite successfully.

Contribution of different sectors -
Finance related companies , 840,911 crores account for 32.7% of the market capitalisation the top 10 players. Energy and telecom companies account for 26.4 %, IT related companies account for 26%, retail companies account for 20.9 % and manufacturing accounts for 7.2% of the market cap of total top 10 market cap companies.

TCS was India's leading corporate but for the presence of Jio Telecom which has helped Reliance Industries to get a boost of INR 100,000 crore to their market cap over the past six months.

The import this has for the future development of the country is that IT, energy, Finance and Retail will be dominating the Indian economy in the future. 


Source -  Live Mint, 19 April 2017

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