Tuesday, April 04, 2017

HDFC and SBI, will they stick to a two way contract ??

Will SBI and HDFC stick to a 2 way contract or try to be unilateral and try to enforce a unilateral contract ? Sadly, since we are not aware of the legal provisions that could be invoked and enforced, we may out of ignorance and stupidity fall for these idiotic banks and their unilateral ways of getting things done.. Let us for the time being also forget that it is our money that is lying with these banks ..

Today I went to 2 HDFC ATMs in Koramangala, Bangalore and both did not have any money. This can happen to anybody anywhere in the country.

If there is no min balance in my account, HDFC can take Rs 250/-. Why not the other way round ? If the ATM does not have minimum balance, is HDFC ready to compensate me with Rs. 250/- two times, since I checked in 2 ATM machines ?

Spread this message.  Let's raise our voice against banks. Stop customer unfriendly banks like SBI, HDFC etc. fleecing customers. !!

George ..

PS : Pursuant to this on Thursday, 5 th April, I went to two ATMs of HDFC in Koramangala, and sad to say, the bank which I was having high hopes as a real customer friendly bank is out there to fleece me yet again .. They are adamant on punishing their customers and were locked today too. Can I expect them to be manly and customer friendly and pay me Rs 1000/- for the 4 disappointing and disillusioned visits to the branch ? Will I be yet again get disenchanted and regret my association with HDFC Bank as are the thousands of other HDFC and SBI customers ?

SBI may have become among the top 50 Banks of the world, but let them not forget it was the customers who made them so big . If they forget the customers and remain ungrateful to them, the fall will be great and pathetic for SBI, this is just a small warning..

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