Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Telecom Cost Innovation war in India. Global telecom majors running scared ..

Look at the scale of cost innovation happening in India, thanks to the extremely competitive environment because of the entry of Jio !

Is India leading the world in the fourth Industrial revolution - information revolution ? Check for yourself !! 👍

In US a GB of 4G data is offered cheapest (?) by T-Mobile at $5, (Rs 328), in UK 1 GB of 4 G data is offered by O2 at £1.67 (Rs 136), in India 1 GB of 4G data was offered by Reliance Jio at Rs 10 or 15 cents, it was beaten at this by bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) at Rs. 5.50  (8 cents or 6 pence) ..

4G data :
1000 MB - 8 cents
100 MB - 0.8 cents
10 MB - 0.08 cents
1 MB - 0.008 cents

1 MB of 4G data - 0.5 paisa ..

When we thought this scale of cost innovation can happen ONLY in INDIA, here comes Telenor from Norway, a mobile player in India offering 58 GB for just Rs. 47/-, ie. a GB of 4G data at Rs 0.8 or 1.2 cents ..

1GB 4G data offered cheapest in US is $5, while a GB of 4G data in India comes at 1.2 cents or $0.012 or in otherwords 1 MB at 0.08 paisa or 0.0008 INR.

A GB of 4G data ( for that matter transmitting data at very high speeds of 10 Mbps and above) in US is 417 times (417x) costlier than in India. Is this what we call technological cost innovation leadership of the world  ??

A surgeon touching a 3D hologram of the heart ..
I can show how this is going to be extremely beneficial for India in the next 20 years. If we are interested in sending a 3D hologram of an individual, in all likelihood let us suppose it may take anywhere from 10 to 100 Terabytes. The transmission costs for 100 TB in India over your mobile phone connection would be costing 100 x 1000 x $0.012/GB= $1200. In US a 100TB 3D hologram of an individual would cost 100 x 1000 x $5/GB= 500000. The cost difference is again a massive 417 times ..

Indian IT company research in this area of 3D hologram imaging of humans has be carried out in right earnest so that India takes the edge over the rest of the world in commercialising it at the fastest rate.

George ..

PS : I am amazed at the excellent rates offered for data by the state owned BSNLto its customers. As of 2 April 2017, BSNL  offers 300 GB for just Rs 249/- pm. ie. 10 GB for Rs. 8.30. ie. each GB of 3G data is being offered  at rs. 0.83, ie. 1.3 cents.. I dont think anybody in the world will ever be able to match the BSNL rates at least for the next 2 years !!

The cheapest 1 GB rates offered in US is 384 times (384x) the cheapest rates offered in India. !!!

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