Friday, March 03, 2017

Chinese stand on South China sea, Paracel islands ..

Nine dash line - inviting troubles for China
Containing China could be a tricky issue for Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.  How can the other regional super power India play a role in ensuring peace and stability in the region ensuring territorial sovereignty of these three countries are not violated by China ?

Click here for the Guardian news on rejection of Chinese claims on the South China Sea by the International Tribunal at The Hague ...

China, being a great economy, will have to be more responsible and more conceding to smaller partners needs in ensuring peace in the region. It will have to introspect and take appropriate actions that will not hinder regional stability around the South China Sea.

It would also be in the better interests of China not to raise a hue and cry over the unrecognised "Nine dash line" in the South China sea.

Earlier it was Spratley's Is., now it is Paracel Is,
The world wants China to respect the territorial integrity of other countries in having equal access as China to these international waters. High handedness can work in a dictatorial setup within borders, but may not be that effective when tried to be pushed down somebody's throats across borders and against global sentiments...

The outside world gets a feeling that China still feels insecure, diffident, apprehensive and recognises it is on shaky ground with regard to claims on the South China sea. China is incomplete in its dealings with other liberal minded democracies and is unable to get other countries to its bandwidth of thought on international matters.

Its global statesmanship needs more polishing as much as it needs to clear up its internal politics by giving its citizens more individual freedom to decide their future and fate.

It would do China a sea of good if it realises that China's excessive hankering over attempts to exercise regional supremacy is a matter of concern and worry for all countries in the region. 


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