Thursday, March 30, 2017

Is excess networking welcoming IoT into our homes too early ??

You call it over-indulgence, profligacy, intemperance or extravagance, Bangalore in India is now flush with high speed ultra cheap 4G Internet bandwidth ..

A graphic on IoT ..
Maybe it is the technology capital of India, that is the reason. In my home, a moderate low intensity user family with 4 adults, I have 7 networked devices, which includes three laptops, three mobile phones and a tablet which are powered by three high speed networks, ie. 2 nos 4G and 1 no 3G broadband network.

A very soft version of Internet of Things is already existing at our homes. Access to millions of apps that automates or simplifies many of your daily tasks like knowing the weather, the best road to take to work, reading newspapers, to checking weather, preparing a document or a presentation, clicking pictures or videos, editing images, booking a train tickets or cinema tickets, communicating with friends over emails or group chats or social media, almost anything one can imagine to improve the quality of our life, can now be achieved over the Internet.

Technology roadmap on growth of IOT ..
With high speed and extremely low cost 4G and 3G broadband availability in India, the field is so competitive that a user need not pay anything, ABSOLUTELY FREE for basic telecom connection between subscribers across the country on multiple networks, major international telecom players like Vodafone found the environment too hot and competitive that it had to merge with another competitor to stay afloat. Even then it is not clear how long the new company can survive given the ultra high competition in the telecom arena in India.
The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices"), buildings, and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.
        - Eric Brown, "Who needs the Internet of Things', Linux, Sept 13, 2016.
Click here for a free download of (courtesy Verizon) the HBR Nov '14 report on Internet of Things ..

A day will come soon when sitting in my office I can switch on and off my microwave oven at home or the fridge and washing machines and give it the command to process things and soon all gadgets at home will get connected.

The question in everybody's minds here in India is
  • Will India give the lead in IoT adoption given the ultra low Internet bandwidth rates ? 
  • Does India have the capability and manpower to enable this switchover ? 
  • Are our policy makers and politicians aware of the potential of this game changer technology which can add tens of trillions of dollars to our GDP ?
  • Will it make humans more productive or lead to a destructive environment around the world ?
  • Are machines going to dictate our lives ?
  • Is technology helping to bring people together, like the Internet, or making them dumb and stay aloof ? 
  • Will we be able to decide and play a role in our tomorrow ?
  • Will technology and AI completely replace human intelligence ?
  • Will technology through IoT improve the quality of our life ?
There are many interesting and impactful questions we would like to get an answer to. But they say it will take time.. Hope India will take a suitable appropriate decision to offer leadership to the world in this field.


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