Monday, March 13, 2017

Forbes website - great sane, pragmatic quotes ...

My sister once told me to read the quotes of the day one gets at site as one logs in for the first time on any day. Forbes is a great authentic site to read business articles and happenings from the commercial world. It helps one keep abreast of all developments in the business environment around the world.

Ever since that day three years back, whenever I get a chance and time I used to visit the Forbes site and get wiser with the great quotes that comes at their opening page. Very sane, sensible, practical and pragmatic quotes,

Todays quote, 13 March 2017, made me think very much. It goes like this -

Success is failure turned inside out. If you are afraid to fail, you will never succeed - Dorothy Herman.
After some failures in life, we take the harsh decision to move to safer ground. It is because we are afraid of failures. The fear of failure is hard wired in our human system.

It made me think whether of late, our capability to handle and experience failures had gone down. Was it a reason why we were not ready take chances in furthering our careers ? Will we be able to see through our goals in life by not taking chances and risks and being complacent with what we have accomplished till date and not venturing out to seek greener pastures and tougher goals in life ?

I have been wanting to write on these quotes for a long time every time I read the Forbes initial quotes, but have avoided it for a long time.

While reading on success and failures I came across these 12 rules of success and failure. It is very practical and will help us remove the fear of failure and keep taking challenges in life and succeed to higher states in our lives.

This is just one day's quote. The Forbes team deserves all credit for these simple, heavy weight and abundantly practical quotes to guide one in our everyday actions and challenges..


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