Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bangalore's Railway woes - private bus lobby fleecing the public ?

The inter-state traveling public In Bangalore are put to great hardships by the private bus operators who fleece them with high charges during festive seasons and even other times, making travel very costly.

Why is it that the public funded railway department is turning a deaf ear to the cries of the hapless public ?

The private bus operators are really fleecing the customer . I have been noticing from 1998, Railways could easily have made public travel more comfortable and cheaper, but they have instead preferred to have trains originating at uncomfortable times. The private bus operators have been making great profit at the expense of the traveling public.

Last day when I was coming from Kollam into Bangalore, by the Kochuveli Yeshwantpur 12258, all AC Garib Rath, this morning I got down at Hosur and took a TN transport bus to travel to Koramangala in Bangalore. Within an hour I was at home. 

The trains officials need to seriously look at the following problems.

1. the arrival time to Bangalore and departure from Bangalore at very odd times , will push the traveling public to buses.
2. train does not come to the important city junction instead go to Yeshwantpur jn, on the outskirts. 
3. Customers are put to great difficulty so that they are forced to migrate more to private buses who charge anywhere from 1000 to 2500 rupees for a ticket during season time,  
4. In spite of knowing that the trains going to City jn are always full, no new trains are started from there. It is very essential that Railways should try to improve their operating profit by proper planning of trains. Were it not for the traveling public, Railways would have been a big zero !
If private bus operators were practicing revenue / yield management, then they would be offering tickets at multiple slabs, some very low and some very high. This not happening at all. The private bus operators continue to make a kill knowing that the hapless public are forced to turn to these bus operators. The officials never listen to the cries of the traveling public.

Mahatma Gandhi knew 70 years back, how important is the customer..

I request the officials please listen to the cries of the common man and dump the greedy private bus lobby and help the common man. I have been to many cities in India but train transport from and to Bangalore is the worst in the country.

It is shame on the Railways officials and the transport dept officials in all these twenty years, you have never listened to the customers cries, you always have one reason or the other to give as to why customers have to suffer. .. . I know reading this you will never respond, till the people themselves take you to task over this.

Please for the salary you take from the govt, be more responsive to the customer. Be more responsible to the people of the city and the country than to the private bus operators. The whole nation is going ahead in leaps and bounds. Railways and the transport dept cannot afford to lag behind.

Transportation is the backbone of the economy and your service will go a long way in making the travel of the hapless public more comfortable. The airline sector is developing at a fast pace. 

For heaven's sake pleASE be more customer responsive .. !! Public servants like Railway officials and transport department officials are the servants of the traveling public, the traveling public are your masters !! You are being paid salary from the tax we pay to the government.

george.. ( a very concerned citizen..)

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