Sunday, March 26, 2017

200 years of colonial misrule ..

Inheriting an inglorious lineage ..
The last surviving member of a royal setup, the whole world is ashamed of, for it's excesses and avarice during better times ! 

The British monarchy through its commercial and military arms did the greatest damage, psychological and material, to the Indian colony, where ruling over 200 years they killed thirty five million Indians in three artificially created famines, second only to British immigrant settlers killing the original owners of North America over 400 years. The British royal  family through its administrative and commercial arms also saw the ransack and loot of the South Asian economy controlling 23% global GDP in 1750 AD to controlling less than 4% of global GDP in under 200 years of British plunder. 
Even though we know that she was totally helpless since she took office only in 1952, five years after the richest colony and the world's oldest civilization India rightfully gained its independence from British oppressive rule, she inherited an inglorious heritage renowned for murder and creating mayhem. She represents the present face of the oppressive British monarchy which marauded, pillaged and plundered it's colonies around the world for about two hundred years plus for personal profit which speaks volumes of the family's pleonexic excesses and rapacious greed. We know that this lady feels extremely uncomfortable at the disgraceful, undignified and humiliating lineage she inherits.

The basic human characters of treachery and deceit was what dictated British Protestant Christian rule over it's colonies, leading to its eventual degradation, deterioration and decline, like the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians ..

It took great tolerance, understanding, knowledge and foresight for the oldest cultures of India and China to see through this treachery, duplicity, backstabbing and infidelity of Britain and overcome it. Reflecting on our quality of forbearance, we should express our gratitude to this lady for all the damage, carnage, devastation and deprivation inflicted on us by your ancestors. We cannot but express our great appreciation and acknowledgement to the British monarchy for guiding or otherwise stifling and restraining India's fortunes, growth and development during these crucial years.

We pray for your long life !! 🙏


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