Monday, February 20, 2017

The forgotten Irish slaves .. British cruelty .

A painting of a white slave auction in progress ..
While we know that slave trade by itself was against the human race, against humanity and was manipulated by the British for material wealth, the fact that there existed white slaves besides black slaves, adds insult to injury. Why should the senseless white man wrong his own people for some money ?

Does it all point out to the pitiable english statee of mind that existed a mere three centuries back ? Was the Industrial revolution that started from England a blessing for the world or a curse ? How many millions of people have been harmed by the British before British tyranny all over the world was put to rest by great world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela ?

History tells us that there existed just black slaves, what we've never come across in the last four hundred years, were the stories of Irish slaves enslaved, tortured and killed in thousands by the God-fearing, civilized British !!  What a shame on Britain !!

Sad to know about the ancestors of Henry Ford, Jack Welch, 22 US presidents incl Roosevelt, Theodore Wilson, John F Kennedy, Clinton, Carter, Bush, Nixon, Raegan, personalities like Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock, John O'Hara and more .. 

Like the Jews, they too have been enslaved, tortured and murdered and forgotten, but they have overcome all of the past and are shining in the Western world. Let us not forget it were the same Jews that controlled world slave trade for almost 2000 years. The fact that they had to face the ignominy of their own kin, 6 million of them being killed during the second world war, adds insult to injury.

Here is the video by the author of the book, Irish Slaves, Rheka Akamatsu, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform ..

Here is another video link on how Jews controlled the slave trade in the world for almost 2000 years ..
The breakaway faction from the Indian Christians group, the Marthomites were followers of christian revival movement from the British. Sad to know that the Marthomites of Kerala inherit the Christian faith from the blood soaked hands of British tyrants and followers of the cruel and violent, black and white slave trade ..

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